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TRAIL OF THE MONTH - Table Top Trailhead - April 2015

Table Top Trailhead is located approx 15 miles from Vekol rd. exit (exit 144) off of I-8 near the Pinal/Maricopa County lines. This trail gives you a breathtaking 360 view of southern Arizona, Little Table Top, Black Mountain, Antelope Peak, the Vekol Valley, Sand Tanks to the west, the Maricopa/Estrella Mountains to the north, along with others such as hailey hills and the Palo verdes. The trail itself seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere some distance into your hike. It appears to disappear as you make you way to the top, it is there and it will make itself seen as you continue around corners and a couple of switchbacks. Not far from your destination you will come across a rock wall as you continue through the cactus beds to your final destination. The summit is filled with beds of cactus and at times some wild grasses, you will also see a few markers along the way. From the top, you can take in the awesome views, winding washes on the desert floor beneath, spectacular gardens of saguaros rising from the desert, farms, cities and towns and of course awesome Arizona skies.

Along your hike you will see varying colors of quartz, Prickly Pear, Cholla, Saguaros, Paol Verdes, Ironwoods, Hillsides of Lava rock, if your lucky a Gila Monster, Deer, Big horn sheep and more. There are campsites available at the trailhead and a vault restroom, though no water is available. Best to Hike from Fall to Early Spring. Not an easy hike, but definitly worth it! Plan for approx. 5 hrs. to complete.

We recommend a high clearance maybe even 4x4 vehicle to access the trailhead as you cross many washes (sandy) and after rains they may be a little diffcult to pass and there are points where it is very likely that your vehicle could come into contact with trees and shrubs in very narrow areas. Approx a 2000' elevation gain. For more information, and a map of this trail, please CLICK HERE

Please practice safe Hiking: Plan your trip out, tell a friend when you're leaving/returning, bring plenty of food, water & wear appropriate footwear.


2015 Arizona Trails Plan

Every five years, the recreational trails staff at Arizona State Parks prepares an information-filled report concerning Arizona's motorized and non-motorized trails and their users.  This plan includes recommendations and action strategies to protect and enhance trails throughout the state including those in local city, county and state parks, as well as those on National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands.  Learn about the most common non-motorized and motorized recreation pursuits in Arizona.
Download the Trails Plan (PDF Document 2.9 MB PDF)
The priority recommendations listed in the plan will be used to develop grant rating criteria and distribute monies from the Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Fund and the federal Recreational Trails Program.

Non-Motorized Trail Funding Opportunities

The next non-motorized grant cycle will be announce in January 2015.

State Parks RTP Trail Maintenance Program

Federal RTP funds up to $30,000 are available for trail maintenance and/or realignment only. In this program State Parks provides a trained trail crew to do routine trail maintenance and pays them directly. The project sponsor identifies the work needed, provides the required NEPA documentation and match, and selects and manages the trail crew. Projects are selected randomly according to a prescribed process. Project sponsors who have not received funding in the most recent cycles will have priority. The trail maintenance program manual and application forms are available to download below.

Welcome to the Arizona State Trails Program. Arizona State Parks' Trails Program provides a number of benefits for trail users, organizations, and communities.

  • Provides technical assistance to agencies and organizations
  • Hosts trail conferences, trainings and education events 
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for statewide trail information
  • Manages a State Trails System and statewide trails advisory committee
  • Conducts statewide trail research that guides the expenditure of trail grant funds

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Arizona Trails 2010 Plan

Every five years, the agency prepares a statewide trails plan. The Final version is done and has been released. Learn More

Historic Trails of Arizona

Historic trails have many stories to tell of countless families who endured hardships of early overland travel in search of a better life in Arizona. Learn More

Top Trails

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State Trails System

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Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail is an 807 mile scenic trail that crosses Arizona, from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, communities, and people. Learn More

Trails on State Trust Land

State Trust Land is not Public Land. Trust land is different from public land such as parks or National Forests. Learn More

Share the Trail

Understanding shared-use trail etiquette can make hiking, biking, and riding trails more enjoyable for everyone. Learn More

Workshops & Conferences

Trail-related workshops, conferences, and trainings are a great way to learn new skills and develop an understanding of trail system challenges. Learn More

Trail Links & Partners

Website links for online resources including national organizations, state programs, and walking & bicycling partners. Learn More

Trail Grants

Arizona State Parks administers Grant Programs for both non-motorized and motorized trails. Learn More


ASCOT promotes, develops, and preserves non-motorized trails throughout the state for mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians, and water trail users. Learn More

Photography Contest

Trails Photography Contest celebrates the beauty of Arizona and the varied experiences of trails and trail users. See Winners from the 2007 cycle. Learn More
Trail Construction

Helpful resources to help you get started planning either a single trail or a comprehensive trails plan. Learn More

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