Advisory Committees

Notice of Quorum - Saturday, April 9, 2016

ASCOT, OHVAG, AORCC and NAPAC members will be convening on Saturday, April 9, 2016 for a committee gathering. A quorum may be established.

Notice of Quorum

Arizona State Parks receives direction and oversight from several advisory committees and groups. The following is a list of those advisory bodies. More information about each committee's membership, mission, meetings, and agendas can be found by following the links below:


AORCC: Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission
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ASCOT: Arizona State Committee on Trails
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AZSITE: Arizona's Cultural Resource Inventory
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CAB: Conservation Acquisition Board
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GAAC: Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission
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HPAC: Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
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HSRC: Historic Sites Review Committee
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NAPAC: Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee
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OHVAG: Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group
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Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Board
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Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission: AORCC
Arizona State Committee on Trails: ASCOT
Arizona's Cultural Resource Inventory: AZSITE
Conservation Acquisition Board: CAB
Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission: GAAC
Historic Preservation Advisory Committee: HPAC
Historic Sites Review Committee: HSRC
Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee: NAPAC
Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group: OHVAG

Arizona State Parks Partnerships Frequently Used Acronym Key