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Elevation 3,700 - 4,600 feet  Fees

Contact the Park:
(520) 896-2425
Oracle SP
3820 Wildlife Drive
Oracle, AZ 85623


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Nearest Services: 1 mile

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Park's Speed Code: 4228#


Park Entrance Fees:
Per Vehicle (1-4 Adults): $7.00
Individual/Bicycle: $3.00

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Friends Group

Friends of Oracle State Park, Inc.

Friends of Oracle State Park, Inc., a nonprofit corporation


For the Public

The park is open Saturdays and Sundays. Hours will be 8 am - 5 pm. Environmental Education Field Trip Programs for school groups are scheduled weekdays by reservation. Upcoming Events: For reservations, call the park office at (520) 896-2425

Restrooms Restrooms

The park has modern, handicap accessible restrooms at the Group Use Area. There are four composting toilets, each with sink and running water.

At the Kannally Ranch House, old plumbing is a limitation so the public is asked to use the two handicap accessible port-o-toilets, with foot-pump hand-washing station.

There is one handicap accessible port-o-toilet available at the Oak-Woodland parking area, with no sink facility.

Gift Shop Gift Shop

Gift ShopThe Gift Shop is housed in the office/visitor contact station located in the upper solarium of the historic Kannally Ranch House. Items for sale include a variety of books, magnets, notecards, postcards, T-shirts, stuffed animals and educational games.

Exhibits Exhibits

The historic Kannally Ranch House is a museum with historic photos, original artwork and unique design features including Mediterranean and Moorish architecture. Constructed between 1929-33, the house is four levels built up the hillside and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other exhibits include an extensive plant herbarium, with laminated specimens available for viewing in the park office/gift-shop.

Group Day Use Areas Group: Day Use Areas

Two ramada shades with picnic tables (10 tables), four restrooms and one charcoal grill. The ranch house and patios may also be reserved for group gatherings.

Picnic Areas/Shelters Picnic Areas/Shelters

Kannally Ranch House patios with limited seating and four patio tables for picnic use.

Oak Woodland Area with eight picnic tables under shade trees, one handicap accessible port-o-toilet; no running water.

Five picnic tables under shade trees along Main Road across from Oak-Woodland Area.

Hiking Hiking Trails

Gift ShopOracle SP has more than 15 miles of hiking trails with a variety of trail types. See map Legends for restrictions. A four mile section of the National Scenic Arizona Trail passes through the park.

Bellota Trail Loop
0.8 mile, loop — hikers only — no dogs
Trail is accessed from the Group Use Area parking area. It is used on our environmental education school programs during the week, so you may see a school bus and a reserved sign. The trail goes through parts of the sandy Kannally Wash. You also will hike across open grassy areas with great views.

Windy Ridge Trail Loop
1.0 mile, loop — hikers only — no dogs
This trail is across from the Group Use Area and also can be accessed from the Kannally Ranch House parking area, from the Nature Trail. This is another environmental education/school program trail so watch for kids. Hike along a sandy wash with boulder piles. You will also journey on top of a ridge formed by a geologic formation called a dike.

Nature Trail Loop
1.2 mile, loop — hikers, leashed dogs, and mountain bikes
Trail accessed at far end of Kannally Ranch House parking area. Great springtime flower spotting trail with views of the Galiuro Mountains and San Pedro River Valley. From the adobe Nature Blind look onto the wildlife waterhole in the nearby Cottonwood Wash. Link trails connect to the AZ Trail.

Granite Overlook Loop
1.6 mile, loop — hikers & leashed dogs
Trail is accessed from the Oak Woodland parking area. We suggest hiking the loop counterclockwise as this will hike you uphill on a steep section toward the highest elevation in the park (4622’). Trail goes through oaks and granite boulder pile formations. At the top are nice stands of banana yucca; you will also have a great view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Arizona Trail Loop
6 mile, loop — hikers, leashed dogs, and mountain bikes
Make a loop from Kannally Ranch House to National Scenic Arizona Trail and back. Begin on Nature Trail loop, veer off on Manzanita Trail or Wildlife Corridor Trail (both one-way link trails to Arizona Trail).

Mariposa Trail
1.2 miles, one way — hikers, leashed dogs, and mountain bikes
Connects park road to American Avenue Parking Lot. Named for Mariposa lilies that bloom in spring. Use Trail Link (0.15 mile, one-way, hikers only — no dogs) to connect to Bellota Trail Loop.

Windmill Loop Trail
4.1 mile, loop — hikers, leashed dogs, mountain bikes, and horses
Beginning at the Windmill in Kannally Wash, connect 1.1 miles of Arizona Trail along the Powerline Trail with 2 miles of exposed ridge line, and one mile of Kannally Wash northeast of Windmill. Find old homestead site beyond lower ridge trail before switchbacking to wash.

Gasline Road
2.5 miles, one way — hikers, leashed dogs, mountain bikes, and horses
Two-track trail parallels Natural Gasline through park. Create a loop by hiking a major wash (Cherry Valley, Kannally, or Cottonwood Wash).

Powerline Trail
3.5 miles through park, one way — hikers, leashed dogs, mountain bikes, and horses
From American Avenue Parking Lot, follow NE ridge that parallels wash, cross Cherry Valley Wash and follow old washed out two-track trail east (horse-friendly detour to AZ Trail) to Windmill Landmark. Cross Kannally Wash and continue east over high ridge (great views) to Cottonwood Wash. Create a loop by hiking a major wash (Kannally or Cottonwood Wash).

Equestrian Trails Equestrian Trails

Equestrians can access the Arizona Trail and other designated multi-use paths from the American Avenue parking lot in Oracle. Multi-use trails include the Arizona Trail, Cherry Valley Wash, Windmill Trail Loop, Gasline Road, Kannally Wash, and Cottonwood Wash. The Firebreak Road Trail connects the Kannally Wash and Cottonwood Wash near the ranch house to divert equestrians away from the park’s inner trail system used for educational programming. Park staff are working on developing limited equestrian facilities at this trailhead parking lot off American Avenue.

Biking Biking

From the Kannally Ranch House, access the Wildlife Corridor Trail via the Nature Trail, and head out to the Arizona Trail. Return on the Mariposa Trail from the American Avenue parking lot. Bicyclists can also use designated multi-use paths including the Cherry Valley Wash, Kannally Wash, Firebreak Road and Cottonwood Wash.

Wildlife Viewing Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife ViewingThe park has abundant wildlife resources, interesting geologic formations and diverse plant communities. Ranging from 4,600’ to 3,700’ in elevation, the landscape is dominated by rolling hills and panoramic vistas as it transitions from oak-woodland to desert grassland.

The most commonly sighted mammals include white-tailed deer, coyote (pictured), bobcat, javelina, gray fox, cottontail rabbits, all four Arizona skunks (white-striped, spotted, hooded and hognose), many other small mammals, and an occasional mountain lion.

Common bird sightings include scrub jay, gambel’s quail, raven, cardinal, great horned owl, cooper’s hawk, redtailed hawk, harris’s hawk, turkey vulture, gila woodpecker, say’s phoebe, curve-billed thrasher, hooded oriole, canyon towhee, phainopepla and many other seasonal migrants, including warblers, hummingbirds and sparrows.

Reptiles include a variety of snakes and lizards featuring the western diamondback rattlesnake (pictured) and clark’s and desert spiny lizards, western fence lizard, giant spotted lizard and several others. The gila monster and desert tortoise can also be seen.

Learn more about Owls and Skunks in the Feature Story.

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